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Winter Solstice

December 21st cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn

Also known as Yule and Midwinter

Death and Rebirth of the Sun God

Full Moon after Yule is the most powerful

Light Festival with many candles

Respect both your own religious traditions and those of other faiths for their ability to inspire people to lead more ethical lives.

Lamps illuminate houses decorated with evergreens to simulate summer.

Celebrate love, family, accomplishments of the year, reflect on achievements, think on what you wish to achieve in the coming year.

Write down wishes - either tie them to holly branches then bury the limb and wishes during the next full moon, or throw them into a Yule fire. Give thanks for wishes coming true.

Oak, evergreen, fir, apples, ivy, mistletoe, bayberry, cedar, pine, and rosemary are all appropriate for Yule.

Yule log - traditionally of oak or pine. Write down unwanted traits that you'd like to rid yourself of and burn them (may also write down wishes for the coming year).

Bayberry candle - wealth and happiness

Yule wreath - of evergreen, holly, ivy

Cider - toast the health of the trees

Traditional foods - turkey or goose, ham, nuts, fruitcakes, caraway rolls, eggnog, mulled wine

Colors - gold, green, red, white (though any colors you associate with yourself and have special meanings are appropriate)

Gemstones - Cat's Eye or Ruby


White - for the Maiden - seeds of joy, new beginnings

Red - for the Mother - creative ideas, strength

Black - for the Crone - wisdom

Green - for Lord of the Forests - Sun Child

Ring a Solstice bell ten times

Four for the elements

Three for the Triple God

Three for the Triple Goddess

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