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Belly Dance & Beyond


For generations, human civilizations have been dancing. Whether for cultural reasons or pure enjoyment, there’s a wonderful feeling that one gets from the art of movement. Just ask the dedicated dancers who come to practice every single day.

When you decide to join us at Bellydance & Beyond Studios, you too will be able to take advantage of our many new and updated classes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer looking to improve your technique, we guarantee you’ll find it here.

Fitness Classes, Yoga, Workshops, and more.....

If you are looking for more we also offer a variety of classes and workshops offering the community a chance to connect. We have a variety of Yoga, different styles of Bellydance, Core Training, Bollyx,  Beginner Ballroom and much more. Stay connected to experience more of the healing arts.


Bianca Namaste

Artist and Instructor

Bianca has been studying the ancient arts for over 20 years. She is a Florida native from Titusville and very active in her community. Before and while studying the arts, Bianca played soccer for 25 years, including playing for Astronaut High School and Rollins College. In addition to soccer, Bianca began practicing and studying the ancient art of yoga in 1996. Bianca is also a brown belt with Shorin Ryu Karate. Bianca's belly dance journey began with a VHS tape and her mother.  "I remember dancing and laughing with my mom, it was such a fun workout." She studied and practiced on her own until she found a Master instructor to take her further. Ansuya Rathor spent years training Bianca and certifying her in: Professional Performer Certification, Teacher Certification, Zill Master, Veil Master, Drum Certification, Sword Certification, Bellydance Fitness Fusion, and Sacred Sinuosity Bellydance Yoga.  Bianca has had the opportunity to train with many others such as Sadie, Ebony Qualls, Arish Lam, Serena Ramzy, and so many more.  Bianca loves mixing it up she is also a certified Bollyx Instructor.  Come experience the vibe!

Mission Statement: My goal is to increase awareness with a mind body, and soul by exploring the depths from which the body can move through "Belly dance" and by teaching and performing the Ancient Art of "Belly dance."


Lady Heather Nicneven

Artist and Instructor

Heather grew up in Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. She started dancing at age eight and took several years of ballet, tap, and jazz before moving into music and theater. She plays the flute and was in the marching band and pep band in high school and college. This is why she has great musical timing and can help with finding the beat and matching the musical phrasing. She returned to dance in 2002 when she became an Arthur Murray trained ballroom instructor. She continues to enjoy learning new dance styles and ways to move. In 2012 in California., the hula class she was planning to take was cancelled so she switched to belly dance and has actively pursued it since. She Community and sorority are what belly dancing encourages. Belly Dance caused her to find Burlesque and she's danced public and private performances.
In 2015, she attended her first social painting class at a Brewery and found a love for creating artwork and is an Associate Social Artworking Instructor.
She's always been a writer, keeping journals off and on since high school.
In 2021, she joined Paulette Rees-Denis in an online journaling group and has reconnected with her words.
Her desire is for everyone to find the love of dance and movement and reward themselves with goals that last a lifetime.
She holds certifications in Global Caravan Collective Soul Level One and Tribal Grooves.


Isa Kalila

Artist and Instructor

Our very own 2023 Festival of the Nile Raqs Sharqi Rising Star 1st Place Winner, Orlando Bellydance Convention Ruby Rising 2nd Place Winner Isa Kalila.  Isa has been acting and dancing since she was 9 years old, taking on Bellydance at the age of 11 along side her mother (Bianca). Taking many workshops and training with the best, Isa is constantly learning and teaching in more than one genre. Being cast in over 25 plays and musicals has helped her win superiors in festivals on district and state levels for her vocal, performance, and classical voice talents.  She is well-rounded in the performing arts and is a skilled sheet music sight reader, which allows her a clear understanding of rhythms, beats, and time signatures. Her experience in bands, musicals, and professional performance-based environments has heavily contributed to her well-rounded knowledge of Bellydance. 

Isa is the lead of our Baby Belly program and Egyptian/Raqs Sharqi Fusion Style Instructor where her teaching, training, and knowledge shine.  



Yoga Instructor

Mia is a long-time yoga enthusiast. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2018, and has been teaching intermittently since then. Her favorite "genres" of yoga include chakra, gentle, yin and kundalini, and she is looking forward to bringing some or all of these to our studio. Her classes usually include pranayama (breath work) and mudras (hand yoga).

She is a freelance editor by day, and resides in Titusville with her husband, two teens, and three cats.

Some of Mia's other passions include holistic living and healing, raw fooding, kirtan(sacred chanting), astrology and metaphysics, spending time in nature, writing, singing and dancing.

Kira 2.jpg
Cara Cornu

Artist and Instructor

Cara started in theater and music in Kindergarten. She's taken numerous dance and musical classes and has found a passion for the arts. She's a talented artist and loves singing and performing. She's participated in the Titusville Playhouse youth programs since 2018 and hopes to transition to main stage shows. She's very active in the communty and loves working with the Baby Bellies. She's working on her Associate Degree in Psychology and will go on to get a certificate in 3D Arts. She is an assistant in the Baby Belly program.

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