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The Spring Equinox

Ostara - A major sabbat to celebrate renewal and rebirth along with the fertility of spring.

On Ostara night, write down your intensions on an egg using colors of magic. Bury the egg and plant a flower above it and watch it grow.

Possible intentions: happiness, love, prosperity, wealth, fertility

Magic colors: pastels, gold, light green, light yellow, pale pink, egg blue

Animals: butterflies, chicks, hares, lambs, rabbits, robins

Crystals/stones: amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, clear quartz, green moss agate, jasper, moonstone, rose quartz

Herbs/flowers: clover, crocus, daffodil, forsythia, gorse, honeysuckle, iris, jasmine, jonquils, lemon balm, lilac, lillies, mint, narcissus, peonies, tansy, tupils, violets

Trees: acorn, dogwood, elder, olive, pine, willow

Incense/oils: cedarwood, geranium, grapefruit, helichrysum, jasmine, lemon, lemon grass, lime, patchouli, roman chamomile, sandalwood, tangerine, vetiver, wild orange, ylang-ylang

Decorations: baskets, budding twigs, bunnies, cauldron of spring water, chicks, colored ribbons, eggs, four-leaf clovers, spring-flowers, sprouting bulbs, baby animals

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