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Halloween - October 31st or the 1st Ful Moon of Scorpio

Samhain (sah-VEEN or sow-en) is the end of the Celtic year. New Year begins at sunset on October 31st. Also known as Ancestor Night or Feast of the Dead.

Reaffirm death and its place as part of life in an exhilerating celebration of a holy and magical evening. Celebrate life over death and remember those who have left the world of the living. Candles can be put on the graves of loved-ones. Remember our ancestors, recent and distant past. Death gives life its purpose and decay fertilizes new growth.

This is the time to plant seeds of new projects allowing them to germinate over the winter. Considered a time to end old projects and take stock of ones life. Leave all mistakes and regrets behind you and look forward to what the future holds.

Feasts and bonfires lit.

Leave and empty chair and a plate of food for any dead guests so they won't be offended. At the stroke of midnight, all remain silent in respect.

Write weaknesses onto a piece of paper. Say goodbye to bad habits or addictions, old relationships, or anything negative in your life. Once its written down - burn it.

If you catch a falling leaf on Samhain before it touches the ground, it will bring you good luck and health for the coming winter.

Soul cakes: for the souls of the dead. They should contain tokens - coin for fotune, button for self-sufficiency, ring for love, wishbone for heart's desire, clover for luck (Note: if you plan on offering these to eat, use edible tokens or place them on top to be removed before eating!) Recipe

Ivy leaf prediction - place a perfect ivy leaf into water and leave it overnight. In the morning, if the leaf has no spotting, this predicts that the person who place the leaf will enjoy twelve months of health until next Halloween. If not...

This is the night to leave it all behind.

Light candles for the Triple Goddess and for the Triple God

White - Glorious Maiden, youth, beginning, the dawn, seeds

Red - the Great Mother, magic, love, knowledge, plenty

Black - Dark Crone, night, death, rebirth

Yellow - Bright Sun King, success, plenty

Green - Horned God of the Woodlands, fertility, growth

Black - Dark Lord of the Underworld, protection, rest

Morning of November 1st (or morning after 1st full moon of Scorpio) throw a silver coin through the front doorway of your home. The coin must remain where it lands to bring financial luck.

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