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Lady Day and May Day

Celebration of fertility and love of the land as the days are longer.

Common activities: flower crowns, bonfires, maypole dancing

Attract fertility, abundance, and blessings

Symbols: flowers, ribbons, bees, fertility related

Animals: bees, cats, cattle, doves, frogs, goats, leopards, lynx, rabbits, swallows, swans

Crystals/stones: beryl, emerald, garnet, malachite, rose quartz, tourmaline

Colors/candles: shades of green and bright spring, blies, purples, yellow, red

Herbs/flowers: all-heal, blessed thistle, broom, coriander, crocus, curry, daffoldil, dandylion, dragon's blood, fern, fireweed, flaxseed, forsythia, hawthorn, majorum, meadowsweet, nettle, paprika, primrose, rose, rue, snapdragon, tansy, tulips, violets, woodruff

Insense/oils: frankensense, jasmine, musk, peach, rose, vanilla, ylang-ylang

Trees: alder, ash, birch, hawthorne, hazel, holly, oak, rowan, willow

Decor: greenery, flower blossoms, spring curios, branches from birch trees, antlers, acorns, herbs, flower crowns, May baskets, sticks, seeds, wreaths

Honor the Horned God with offerings of fruit and wine

What abundance do you want in your life? What grounds do you want to be fertile? Growth abounds in May, so what you plant now you will reap in the autumn, so plan ahead and take stock of your six month goals. These are what you need to state and write down, to work towards.

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