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Lughnassadh (August 1)

Lughnassadh (Pronounced loo-na-sa, lew-nah-sa, or lugh-nasad-h)

Also called Lunasa or Lamas, the autumn harvest. Takes place on August 1st or the First full moon of Leo. It is the turning point in Mother Earth's year.

Lammas celebrates the first wheat or barley harvest of the year. This energy of cautious optimism and a feeling of well-being bring out the best in all people.

Bake bread and share it

An easy way to honor the feast is to bake a loaf of bread or buscuits and share it with friends and family. it doesn't have ti be from scratch, and it doesn't have to be fancy, but it's a good way to interact with the harvested grains.

Light a candle

Light and orange, gold, or yellow candle to celebrate the seasonal energy as the Earth heads into the harvest season.

Have a brew

Celebrate the grain harvest by sharing a brew with your loved ones.


Calves, crow, pigs, rooster, salmon


Bronze, green, gold, light brown, orange yellow


Basil, frankencense, rose, rosemary, sandalwood


Apple leaf, basil, blackthorn, clover, goldenrod, heather, ivy, marigold, peony, poppy, rose/rose hips, rosemary, sunflower, vervain, yarrow


Citrine, golden topaz, lodestone, moss agate, obsidian, peridot, tiger's eye, yellow adventurine


Apple, oak


Barley, bread, corn, corn dollies, cornucopias, gourds, scythe/sickle, sunflowers, sun wheels

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We have been celebrating today. 😍 we had a lesson in pagan schooling about it today thanks for sharing

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