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Keeping a Dance Journal (Session 2) #3

Updated: May 12

This is the second six month journaling blog journey. I hope you'll commit to writing in a journal at least once a week to record your dance journey or just to journal. The prompts will get you started for the month. If you'd like more prompts that don't pertain to dance and are more creative in nature, please let me know in the comments and I'll add some non dance prompts, too.

The prompts allow you to write for five seconds or 5 minutes. I didn't set a minimum or maximum time because I want you to get a feel for writing. If you're new, this lets you ease into journaling. If you're a long time journaler, you know to just let it flow for as long as you feel you have something to say.

Dance Journey:

Keep track which classes you take each week and what you really liked or disliked about the class. Was there something the teacher did that really got you excited? Did you have trouble picking up a certain move or felt uncomfortable doing? Was there a piece of music that you really liked? Why did you feel this way about these things? How did the dance make you feel?

Dance Quote:

Write the quote and the author, then reflect on what the quote means to you. Describe in detail..

“Dance for yourself. If someone understands, good. If not, no matter.”

— Louis Horst

Thought Prompt:

Pick a movie with a dance sequence - any movie. From Dirty Dancing to the belly dancers in From Russia With Love (James Bond 1963)

Why did you pick that movie? What was memorable about that sequence? How did it make you feel? Describe what it was that was special about that movie, or dance, or the actors. Go deep into yourself to discover why you like that dance.

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