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Keeping a Dance Journal #4

If you are interested in keeping a dance journal and recording your dance journey, then join me on this writing adventure. Each month I'll give you prompts and ideas. Even if you're not interested in keeping a journal just for your dancing, you can still use the prompts for your journal.

Dance Journey (reminder):

Keep track which classes you take each week and what you really liked or disliked about the class. Was there something the teacher did that really got you excited? Did you have trouble picking up a certain move or felt uncomfortable doing? Was there a piece of music that you really liked? Why did you feel this way about these things?

Dance Quote:

Write the quote and the author, then reflect on what the quote means to you. Describe in detail.

"We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced." - Fredrich Nietzche

Thought Prompt:

Find a video online of a dance piece. Write the URL. First, describe the dance. Then, write what you like about the dance and what you dislike about the dance. Use details.

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