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December Cold Moon

Other names for the December moon are Moon Before Yule, Full Cold Moon, Long Night Moon, Elder Moon

Element: Earth

Focus: Create new goals for the next twelve months, share your happiness with others

Colors: Red, white, black

Stones: Serpentine, Jacinth, Peridot, Obsidian, Ruby, Bloodstone

Animals: Mouse, deer, horse, bear, rook, robin, snowy owl

Flowers: Holly, Poinsettia, Christmas cactus, Narcissus

Herbs: Ivy, Mistletoe, berries, Cinnamon, fir

For your journal: What have you accomplished from last years goals and what would you change for the coming year? Are there goals that you did not choose to fulfill and how did those change, or were they dropped completely? Can you focus more closely on how you will achieve your new goals for the coming year? Celebrate the goals you did achieve this year and write gratitude letters to yourself for those goals.

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