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Dance Class Etiquette

You might know these tips, but we can always use reminding now and then. We all lead busy lives and sometimes can be forgetful.

Remember: be aware of yourself and those around you, be respectful, be kind to yourself and others, and have fun!

1. Be on time. Arriving late is distputive to other students and the teacher. Also, if you're late you probably missed the warm up and which may result in an injury. If you're going to be late for some reason, contact the instructor to make sure it's alright.

2. Your attitude is gratitude. This time may be the only time that someone gets to do something for themselves, so be grateful that you are in the space with them We all have down days, but remember sharing and recieving energy keeps us moving and happy. It's infectious, so bring your best self to class.

5. Do not talk when the teacher is speaking. We are all guilty of this, and dance class is a great place to socialize, but when the teache is teaching, give them your attention. If you have a question, wait for the right moment and you can always raise your hand. Just think on what you are asking and that you aren't able to work it out on your own..

6. Avoid correcting other students. The teacher will do that, If you or another student need help, ask.

7. Don't correct the teacher. Teacher's make mistakes, it's bound to happen. It may cause confusion so ask for clarification. If you have a difference of opinion or perspective, discuss with the teacher after class. Then the teacher has the option to share it with everyone else if she thinks it's best.

8. Take correction graciously. If a teacher corrects you, they are invested in your development. Perfection is unattainable so leave your ego at the door. If you want to get better as a dancer, you will be corrected from time to time. Please don't take it personally. And if anther student is being corrected, pay attention - it may help you out, too!

9. Practice. Dance is a learning experience, so you have to practice outside of class. Do any homework, work on choreography and combinations. That way class time is spent introducing you to new matieral instead of constantly reviewing.

10. Wear comfortable clothing and be aware of your hygiene. PropWear what makes you feel comfortable. You are going to get sweaty and you need to be able to move. Please wear deoderant to class and avoid heavy perfumes.

12. Common sense. If you wouldn't do it in your own home, don't do it in the studio.

13. Have FUN! This is YOUR class too! All teachers want you to have a good time and leave the class happy. So enjoy yourself. You are working hard and whether you see it or not, you are making progress.

See you in class!

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