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Belly Dance Jokes

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

from (one of my favorite sites for dance advice)

Just some sillyness to lighten your mood

Q: What do you call a belly dancer with a sword?

A: A veiled threat.

(Joke by William M. Smith, Sunnyvale, California)

Q: What kind of crowds do belly dancers hang out in?

A: Hip circles!

(Joke by Malia, of the San Francisco area, in response to someone asking her that question in all seriousness.)

An optimist says the glass is half full. A pessimist says it's half empty. A belly dancer says "Oh good, I can balance this on my head!"

Q: How are belly dancers and plastic surgeons alike?

A: They both tuck and lift!

(An original by Weisha Mize, who commands, "Tuck! Lift!" to students and fellow troupe members as a reminder to use good posture.)

Q: Why did the belly dancer cross the road?

A: She heard there were costumes on the other side.

(Joke by Shira, Sunnyvale, California)

Q: How many costumes does a belly dancer need?

A: One more.

Q: What kind of closures do belly dancers use to hold their costumes together?

A: Belly buttons!

(Joke by Shira, Sunnyvale, California)

Q: How can you tell when a group of belly dancers is amused?

A: By the belly laughs!

(Joke by Shira, Sunnyvale, California)

Q: Where can you go to learn how to belly dance?

A: To a navel academy.

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