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Motivation Mondays November 27, 2023

Write a personal mission statement with passion and fire

Your personal mission statement is highly important. It helps to focus what you know about yourself and put it into words that you can actually look at. It provides clarity, purpose, and direction in your life. Finding what it is that brings you joy, fuels your passions, and fires you up can be challenging. It does change, sometimes yearly, sometimes monthly, or even daily.

What is your passion? What is your fire? What burns deep within all makes you get excited? Start with the words passion and fire and build from there. There are no right or wrong answers. If you feel comfortable sharing your mission statement, please post in the comments below (one way to make a yourself accountable...)

My Personal Mission Statement

Fiery Passion

Get excited, all hot and ready for life. Be part of a community and not just sit on the sidelines. Dance, write, inspire. Fill my world with love and light. Light a fire under foot and in my belly and get worked up and excited to participate. Explore my artistic self and see what art forms really connect with me - deep dive into art that brings me to life. Feel excited to wake up each morning and learn something new about myself. Meet new people and see what we have to teach each other. Focus on passion - what makes me burn? What are those things that make me feel hollow if I don't do them? Dance, laugh, play, goof, create, write, be free! Be wild and crazy and not worry about labels or names or expectations from others. My heart beats with the pounding drums, the roaring surf, the life altering kisses! True passion, full of flames, connections, artistic expression, freedom, and allowing myself to feel all of it. Don't hold back. Don't wait for another day. Embrace who I am, a wild witch, a dancing diva, a goddess, a queen! Wearing the flowing gowns of splendor or the grass covered jeans I just threw on so I could play, roll around, and enjoy life. Let go! Don't worry about who I was but who I am meant to be. Frolic in the flame of life!

What to do to motivate yourself?

Keep a journal

Every morning, write three positive statements about yourself. They can be the same things every time, but keep your statements positive and be honest about yourself. Free write about what you want to achieve over the next day, You can join our journaling workshop to help start a habit of writing.

Start a motivation board

What do you want to achieve? Find things that motivate you and post it on a board that you see every day, Tack images of dancers, costumes, fitness goals, challenges, whatever you need to feel motivated. As they change and you don't feel motivated by that post, remove it. It's not about achieving everything on your board, it's about finding what drives you onward.

Make yourself accountable

Keep track of the things you do - if you are making changes, then give yourself a gold star for making that change. Rewards work, and so does showing progress. Didn't work out this time? Maybe that wasn't for you. But you tried it so make note of the attempt. And don't be hard on yourself, you've got this!.

Challenge yourself - try something new

Try a different type of activity. Take one of our classes that you haven't tried before. Go for a walk somewhere new. Ask a friend what their favorite book or movie is and seek it out. Cook a new dish that you have always wanted to try but have put off. Get out of your comfort zone - we cannot grow if we keep doing the same things over and over.

Set goals

What goal would you like to achieve this week or month? Something small and doable. No grand goals yet. Start from a place of learning, push yourself to complete one small thing, and then another and another. And soon enough, you will have goal journals filled and stacked to the ceiling!

You can do this. I believe in you.
Leave a comment about your motivation techniques that might help others!

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