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Motivation Mondays January 15, 2024

What do you want?

What are some things that you want this coming year?

How do you want this year to FEEL?

I am a person who wants all of the challenges and adventures in life: the struggles and heartaches, the passion and laughter, excitement and joy, tears and pain. I want to feel everything, What is life for if not to enjoy it? I'm going to push boundaries – in myself and in others. I want harmony and discord. But I also want compassion, understanding, and love. Life is hard and can be a disappointment, but it's all worth it. To struggle through the everyday to have a great breakthrough that could end up lasting all year, that will be the ideal!


Can you write a story about what you want? It doesn't have to be about you, but make it fantastical, dreamy. Go into detail, make it something captivating. Get tactile and describe what you see, touch, hear, feel, or even taste.

Once upon a time there was a princess. She didn’t live in a tower or a palace. She lived in the clouds. She had hair the color of storm clouds and eyes like the stars. She loved watching the world below her cloud castle – it was so different from hers. There were so many colors and textures – she wanted to experience them all. She’d once asked her father about visiting the world below and he told her she’d have to ride a rain storm down, but there was no way to come back. That’s what had happened to his sister and several members of court – they’d gone to see what life was like after a particularly rowdy party and hadn’t been seen since. He’d watch out for them, hoping they’d return one day, but really believed they were lost for good.

How can you change the story? What can you say that's about you? Can you make it about what you want to happen right now? Try changing the narrative to something else but keep it positive!

I’m staring out my window daydreaming about clouds and imagining shapes and patterns in the twisting wind. I thought about the story I was not writing because I’m currently staring at the sky. What would it be like to be an author or published work? How would my life be different if I did the thing I daydreamed about? I watch other people achieve their goals and here I am, whiling the days away not doing anything about it. OK, not “anything.” I write every day. I jot notes in my notebooks. I write snippets of stories. I think of characters and plots all the time, but am I actually finishing a book? No. So I sit up and ask myself why? Why shouldn’t I get what others have? I stand up and look for my notes and get my laptop and take it out into the garden. Today is the day. I’m going to adventure. So I am going to write that story that’s firing in my gut and giving me heartburn. I’m not going to put it off. And see – after an hour of writing I already have a chapter. After a week of writing, I have a quarter of a book. The ideas keep flowing. The words tumble onto the page. I am a writer. I am an author. No more doubts. No fears. Just words.


Relax, accept who you are and who you are meant to be. Open your heart to all the amazing wonders that you create in your every day life. Be gentle with yourself and forgive those steps that take you backwards. They are not what you wanted, but they are not failures. Accept imperfection and hold your choices in balance – the good comes with the bad, positive comes with negative. Find beauty and art in life. Whatever art you feel called to do, be in writing stories or poetry, sketches or painting, dance or music, let it flow through you – capture the moment and put it down. Let your heart soar and feel the wind in your hair and creativity at your fingertips. You are one with the universe, a child of the heavens and whatever you desire shall be a welcome gift to the world. Embrace your talents – you have them, let them shine. And for those things you want to get better at, allow yourself to have moments of learning – you’re not failing, you’re getting better. You can’t be a master of anything without practice and missteps. You will be wealthier and create a balance in yourself if you release what you fear and let go!

Are you making time for yourself? Are you allowing yourself time to connect with yourself? You are as important as everything else in your life. But as an author once said, life is like learning to juggle; it is easy as long as you realize some of the balls are glass and some are plastic. You can let the plastic ones drop but never the glass ones.

Join me twice a month in finding your voice in our journaling workshops available in person in the studio and on zoom! We'll be adding some books to the class - some suggested readings. Our current book is "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear" by Elizabeth Gilbert


You can do this. I believe in you.

Leave a comment below with your stories.

Hope to see you soon!

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