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Motivation Mondays December 4, 2023

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Breathe in, breathe out, let go. Smell the smoke of the ages - sage and frankincense. Open your mind to the cosmos - listen for the heartbeat of the world and find out who you are. Search deep down in the darkest corners of your being for the fire hidden away and bring it to roaring life - what starts as a tiny ember becomes a forest fire of power. Release it into the universe. Release your soul.

Then, take a pause. Calm the fire, back into a gentle crackle. Let it settle and envelope you in warmth and comfort. Breathe in, breathe out, let go. No more troubles, no more anxiety or pain. Just you and your desires - your hopes, dreams, wishes. Let them surround you, flow through you, overwhelm you. And then let them go into eternity to return at their own pace - for they will come back when you least expect it.

Being a magic maker of dreams allows amazing wonders to happen to you. The stars align to give you a gift of fantastical imaginings. What wonders do you see with your mind's eye? Conjure up visions of sunsets and dawns where you dance in your destined future. Spell cast a time when you realize everything you've ever wanted has come true. Believe in the magic of yourself and you'll always be amazed at what appears when you least expect it. Breath it, breathe out, let go.

Your turn to write and find what it is that calls you? What fires burn in your heart that you have kept dampened? Those deep hidden desires to be the person you really could be? What could you be if you actually allowed that tiny ember to billow into a raging fire and consume who you are now to be reborn as a phoenix from the flames? Terrified or empowered? Whichever you feel, that is your first step towards becoming something new.

Right now, pull out a piece of paper and write down what that tiny spark is. Doesn't matter how small or what fragment of thought it is. Write it down. Do it. Don't just say you'll think it over and do it later, or that it isn't important. You're reading this right? WRITE IT DOWN! Now look at it. Really look at it. What does it tell you about yourself? Are you the person that takes control of that small spark and keeps it contained or are you going to feed it and let it come to life? And no matter your answer, which do you want it to be?

So now, dig deep. Really ruminate on that thought - really let the spark ignite into something more. Is it a dream that you've told yourself "someday?" Is it a fantasy that you'll "eventually" do? What steps can you take right now to make it a reality?

Is it writing? Exercise? Eating well? Owning a palace on the Seine (in Paris)? You have to take steps and make it a habit to work towards. How are you going to do it? Start by committing to everyday. It won't stick around, won't manifest, won't becoming unless you give it a priority. Make it important. Give it fuel to live!

If you want to work on your writing, manifesting, or motivation, consider joining our Journaling Workshop. We are meeting tonight for our one and only December workshop at 7p!

You can also join the Journaling Group discussion board to get ideas and prompts and catch up on past sessions to write about. I'm currently leaving prompts about hope.

You can do this. I believe in you.
Leave a comment about your motivation techniques that might help others!

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