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Motivation Mondays November 20, 2023

Success is a journey that is never ending.

When you change your stance, who you are changes in your dance.

You open up, become something new, earn your wings and learn to fly. Emerge from the chrysalis and see what you will become. Like a dancer, we must be fluid, flowing, letting life and experiences wash over us as music does to our ears. If a dancer is rigid, they cannot move - with or without a partner - they are locking in place, frozen in that moment. We must keep that rigidity away - avoid it, keep trying new stances, new poses, new movements. For we must continue learning, striving, moving forward. We can become the best of our selves, but only by constantly striving for better.

Try new things and push the boundaries of self discovery so that we can keep moving, keep flowing with the everyday rhythm of life around us. And then we fully participate in all of the wonder of the world around us - and our own success - sensing and feeling all there is and all there could be. The connection to others, to ourselves, to nature, to wonder, to the universe. We constantly explore our unique experience. We each create the library that is ourselves. - each chapter of each book filled with new stances, new figures, new poses, and new words of what we truly are.

Keep striving for your best self. Keep pushing your boundaries. And if you need help, for whatever reason, do not hesitate to ask for it. Only you know how much you can take and by seeking others for support you are not showing weakness, you are showing strength. Motivation comes from so many different sources, you don't have to try to motivate yourself alone.

We may never reach the the success that we strive for, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to attempt to reach it. The journey is the important part and by changing our stance, something magnificent may arise.

What to do to motivate yourself?

Keep a journal

Every morning, write three positive statements about yourself. They can be the same things every time, but keep your statements positive and be honest about yourself. Free write about what you want to achieve over the next day, You can join our journaling workshop to help start a habit of writing.

Start a motivation board

What do you want to achieve? Find things that motivate you and post it on a board that you see every day, Tack images of dancers, costumes, fitness goals, challenges, whatever you need to feel motivated. As they change and you don't feel motivated by that post, remove it. It's not about achieving everything on your board, it's about finding what drives you onward.

Make yourself accountable

You don't have to share with anyone but yourself (unless you feel comfortable sharing). Keep an achievement journal or board. Just make notes of successes you achieve every day - even little ones such as you made the bed can help motivate you to do more. The more little successes you have, the better you feel!

Challenge yourself - try something new

Try a different type of activity. Take a class that you haven't tried before, take a walk somewhere you've never been, see a film or read a book that is considered a classic that you haven't before. Try a new restaurant or food that you've never tried before. Get yourself out of your comfort zone - we cannot grow if we keep doing the same things over and over.

Set goals

You can come up with a big dream goal, but without breaking it down to little easy to handle steps, the dream will just remain a dream. What can you do today to take a step toward the dream? What do you need to do this week, and this month to move toward your big goals? Start small - you cannot build a house without a foundation, and that's what we all need with goals.

You can do this. I believe in you.
Leave a comment about your motivation techniques that might help others!

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