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Motivation Mondays January 1, 2024

Updated: Jan 28

Happy New Year! It's 2024! Join me in making resolutions and changes to ourselves that will last than just a few months. This is really why I started Motivation Mondays: to challenge myself to write things that motivate me and share them. These are things I write that would get lost in my journal if I didn't do this every week. Because you are reading this, you are joining me on this journey of discovery and personal commitment to get my words out!

Energy vs. Strategy

What does energy vs. strategy mean to you?

To me, energy flows and moves, is stored and dissipates but is never lost. I love the feel of flowing freely and moving from project to project, from bliss to bliss without frustration and blockage. A gift would be to store some up when it's not needed! The feeling of connection to those choices that seem the easiest but tend to be too infrequent. When a challenge comes along and seems to dam up and stop the flow, I search for others to help power through, making the job easier with more energy and the positive and negative balanced out. It makes finding a solution that works easier, doable, and invigorating. Energy flows like the push and pull of the tides and to ride that flow - be connected to it, in tune with it, making every day decisions that keep the energy moving and building is what keeps me searching for that flow. This is all rare, however, to have that ultimate flow state of creation.

To me, strategy feels like a routine that must be repeated and slogged through. Strategy requires planning and plotting, fussing, working and reworking. It doesn't just happen, it has to be repeated over and over, trying new things and throwing out the things that don't work. What I have learned about strategy is it makes the energy flow easier. It makes it accessible. So the flow state I often strive for can be achieved with a good strategy. That really doesn't make the work that much easier or make the building of a strategy easier to move through, but at least their is a positive outcome. That strategy tells me when to seek others to help create a connection. It helps me work through blockages and find new ways to come at a challenge.

Remember, there are no problems - only challenges to overcome.

Problems only occur in math!

As much as it pains me to say, strategy helps energy flow. So having a strategy and building one are important. The only challenge is how to find the one that will work for you. And that's where some suggestions come in.


Do some brain workouts by journaling

Write a list of ways to overcome your struggles. What are some ways to get around the wall you have to cross over? What are some outcomes you are hoping will happen once that wall has been crossed? If I am having trouble thinking of what to write, I will start a list of titles to articles or stories I could write. No rules, no judgement, just some things to get my mind working. They can be completely off the wall but I also have to come up with a short sentence or two to help me remember what the title alludes to. This has to be something that you have to be willing to put time in to - not so subtle hint to join the journaling group in person or online...

Create daily exercises that expand your mind

We need to work our brains as well as our bodies. So the exercises we do for our brain are just as important as what we do for our bodies. Most of us aren't taking regular classes to grow our understanding of the world (like we did in school) and we need to commit to being life-long learners. Find a subject and see how far you can go with it. For example, if there's a language you want to be able to speak, can you commit to daily practicing? What about learning to draw? How about a musical instrument? Or was there something that you used to do but don't do any more like reading or collecting? Can you squeeze in a few minutes a day for yourself?

What does energy vs. strategy mean to you?

Write in your journal about energy and strategy and see where that leads you.

You can do this. I believe in you.

Leave a comment below about how you strategize ways to enter a flow state. Hope to see you soon!

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