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Motivation Monday December 25, 2023

Stop hiding and shine your light for everyone to see

As the year is coming to a close and all of the past works that have been unfinished are piled up, and the resolutions uncompleted are left behind, be gentle with yourself. Just because you didn't complete something this time, doesn't mean it's not in your future. I feel this way at the end of the year. That I have somehow failed myself. But I have learned so much in the past twelve months. So I have instead begun to celebrate my successes instead of focusing on my failures. Next year's resolutions are built on the achievements of this year and the desired outcome for the next.

Finish what you have started. It doesn't have to be big - just finish the project. That's my number one hang-up. I love starting new things but don't always see them through to completion. Once you finish that one, finish another. and keep going until you've finished that which will take you where your dreams lie. Never give up. There is power and magic in your creativity. Tell yourself affirmations like: I am powerful, I am talented, I am amazing. Just let yourself follow through. The one thing holding you back is yourself. Maybe I lack commitment, or persistence, but when I put my mind to it, I have these qualities in abundance. Nothing bad will come from completions. Endings aren't all that terrifying. Nothing really ends anyway - it just transforms into something new.

What could we achieve if we finish what we start? What amazing life could you have if you kept going until the job is done? Don't give up, don't lose hope. We're all here for each other. We just have to get it done!

Set intensions and commit to yourself allows you to renew yourself. I wrote the following piece as a story instead of as myself to inspire cultivating a new me.

Entering the clearing dressed in a simple white gown,. she approached the fire with trepidation, her steps slow and hesitant. The initiate joined the circle of women. All were clothed in rich gowns of varying colors with intricate embroidery, gemstones, and metals flashing in the firelight. Their faces were masked to hide their identities. She felt very self-conscious of herself in her unadorned simple white cotton, but that was part of the initiation.

A high priestess stepped forward, her voice low, she asked, "Who comes before before us?"

The young woman softly responded, "I do. Marissa of the Hightower."

The priestess asked, ":What do you seek?"

Marissa replied, "Enlightenment."

The high priestess asked, "Why do you seek this?"

The young woman replied, "To become strong in magic." Her voice slowly became more powerful, not as timid.

The high priestess asked, "What will you do to achieve this task? Will you commit, fully or slowly give up?"

Marissa replied, "I pledge to commit myself to betterment. I will not falter though the task may be difficult. I will not fail though I fail the tasks set before me."

The women around the circle bowed their heads and began chanting as one. "We honor your commitment and will remind you of your vow when you seem most weak. We are your sisterhood, your support, your guides and your friends. We welcome you to the struggles of life." As one they removed their masks and she saw friends and family among the faces. She was surprised by the women around her, gasping slighting and putting her hand over her mouth. But she smiled and felt her cheeks flush with joy at their attention. The high priestess removed her mask last and removed her sash as well. She handed the mask to a woman on her right and placed the sash on Marissa's shoulder.

"Welcome to the journey. The hardest part is yet to come, but your have stated your intension to cultivate yourself and now must take the actions required to grow and change, to strive and flourish."

Marissa had been nervous, but that feeling had fallen away as a cloak would fall from her shoulders.. She felt welcomed as the women smiled at her. Some embraced her. She knew they had all once gone through this initiation and had proven they could succeed, so she knew deep down that she would succeed, too.. These women had all pledged to help and support her and that would make the work just that little bit easier. She would seek to activate her inner strength, to cultivate her resilience, and leave her initiation behind.

Now write your own story using the words initiate, cultivate, and activate.

What you can do to motivate yourself

Try to use all your senses when it comes to cultivating a future you.

What does cultivation feel like to you? What is the color of growth? What does full moon energy feel like to you? Simple tasks that engage all of our senses can help us envision and truly feel a new future for ourselves.

Cultivating brings air to old projects, turns over the past and creates something new. Getting ready to plant new projects, new ways to be creative, new possibilities unthought.

You can do this. I believe in you.
Leave a comment about your motivation techniques that might help others!

And please consider sharing your own story using initiate, cultivate, activate!

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